Urban and stylish campus

IFM’s campus is in an attractive location in the centre of the amazing international city of Geneva. A perfect place to study. IFM offers a high-end environment, designed facilities and a new kind of educational experience

Urban & stylish campus

The contemporary campus building is located in the heart of Geneva, in the district of schools, universities and culture. The neighborhood where IFM is located is famous for its rich concentration of art galleries and museums. IFM’s recent renovation has transformed our campus into a sophisticated, high-end environment that enhances the overall learning experience.

Modern classrooms

Our modern classrooms are designed in various sizes to cater to different teaching needs. They are equipped with cutting-edge technology, including smart boards and HD cameras, ensuring our students receive the highest quality of education. This setup fosters engagement, connectivity, and brings an exceptional learning journey. 

Facilities & technology

Our collaborative workspaces and meeting areas promote interaction, making them ideal for group projects. With access to 1,000,000 e-books through our e-libraries and digital platform, students can delve deeper into subjects covered in their classes. During breaks, students can unwind in one of our two newly designed student lounges or enjoy our beautiful gardens. 

Experience IFM

IFM’s prime location in Geneva provides unparalleled opportunities for industry visits and educational enrichment. Close to parks, sports centres, a pool, an ice rink, iconic landmarks, the lake, and the city's financial and shopping districts, IFM offers a comprehensive and engaging learning environment.


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