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28.06.2024 @ Geneva

We celebrated our students' success at a magnificent graduation ceremony at the prestigious Intercontinental Hotel. Students shared their memories and aspirations with friends, family, and professors. The evening featured heartfelt speeches that inspired and moved everyone, highlighting the graduates' remarkable journeys and achievements. > video & more 


14.06.2024 @ Geneva

The IFM annual summer party took place at the luxurious President Wilson Hotel—an exhilarating opportunity to celebrate the end of the academic year, welcome summer and relish in a stunning lakeside ambiance. Attendees soaked in the unique atmosphere of the Glow Bar and marveled at the breathtaking views of the lake. > video > website


06.06.2024 @ Nyon

IFM students had the amazing opportunity to visit the watch manufacturer Hublot, renowned for its craftsmanship and innovation. During this visit, they discovered the different aspects of watchmaking, from design to manufacturing. They also had the opportunity to admire Hublot watches, unique and luxurious pieces.> website > video


30.05.2024 @ IFM

IFM students had the privilege of meeting Michel Jacquemoux, an expert in financial regulations at UEFA. Since September 2022, he has been focused on improving the "club licensing regulations and financial sustainability" by collaborating with stakeholders, developing IT solutions, and designing educational courses to enhance financial knowledge in football. > website



IFM Business School gifted students a t-shirt and a cap in the institution's colors, proudly displaying the slogan "Success Builder" and our core values. These stylish and iconic garments are more than just accessories; they embody belonging, unity, and the spirit of success within our community.


28.05.2024 @ IFM

IFM students immersed themselves in the world of Partouche casinos, a renowned French gaming and leisure group. With 41 casinos, 12 hotels, and 70 restaurants, Partouche offers top-notch entertainment and excitement. During this exclusive tour, our students explored behind the scenes, learning about market digitalization and exceptional customer service. > website > video


27.05.2024 @ Internatinal

IFM is an institutional member of ATHEA Association for Transnational Higher Education Accreditation, Europe. ATHEA improves educational standards through accreditation and quality assurance, conducting evaluations and seeking recognition on the European Quality Assurance Register for Higher Education (EQAR).

TRAMS 2024

20.05.2024 @ Geneva

During the summer, IFM Business School launched an engaging campaign to showcase its programs and values to prospective students and the general public in Geneva. A fleet of trams, proudly adorned with IFM's colors, traversed the city, capturing the attention of passersby and generating a buzz of excitement.



IFM shines in CEO Magazine's 2024 Global MBA rankings, clinching a premier spot among prominent European institutions. This remarkable feat underscores IFM's dedication to providing top-notch education and remarkable returns on investment. The rankings meticulously evaluate program excellence across a spectrum of comprehensive criteria. > Read more about this ranking


03.05.2024 @ Geneva

IFM students were invited to Sketchiz for an afterstudy party. This presented a fantastic chance to connect, unwind, engage in lively discussions, network, and socialize. Sketchiz featured shuffleboard tables, interactive dart lanes, and arcade games. Students played together all evening long while enjoying wine, beer and some delicious appetizer.> video > website 


16.04.2024 @ Geneva

IFM students had the exclusive opportunity to go behind the scenes of the prestigious President Wilson Hotel. Known for owning the "european’s most expensive suite," or for featuring the Chef Danny Khezzar, a finalist of Top Chef, the hotel provided an immersive experience in the art of hotel management. IFM students had the privilege to learn how to create exceptional notoriety in a very competitive market. > video > website



03.04.2024 @ International

IFM is delighted to announce its remarkable performance in the esteemed CEO Magazine 2024 rankings. Our Executive MBA program has achieved the impressive 4th global ranking and attained the prestigious 1st position in Switzerland. This notable achievement underscores the exceptional quality and outstanding return on investment (ROI) that our EMBA provides to candidates. > Read more about this ranking > IFM EMBA


29.03.2024 @ International

In the 2024 CEO Magazine Global MBA rankings, IFM has once again solidified its standing among the top tier of European and global institutions for its MBA programs. This outstanding accomplishment highlights IFM's ongoing commitment to delivering exceptional quality education.
> Read more about this ranking > IFM MBA


28.03.2024 @ IFM

IFM students had the privilege of meeting Ahmed Sheraz, Managing Partner at Storm, a renowned expert in cryptocurrency and blockchain. During his conference, he addressed the crucial importance of Web3 in our ever-evolving digital era, as well as the revolution of the fundamental principles of blockchain. Additionally, he shared valuable insights into the world of cryptocurrencies. > video > website


21.03.2024 @ Buxum

IFM students explored the world of marketing and communication by visiting the Buxumlunic agency; a creative and innovative communication agency. During the visit, the founder, Vincent Mani, explained to the students, the different professions, the various stages of the agency's projects, showcasing concrete examples. > video > website


05.03.2024 @ International

IFM Business School is once again ranked in the top 100 (71st) of the best Business Schools and 3rd in Switzerland according to the 2024 study by CEOWORLD Magazine. This ranking is one of the most important internationally. IFM is one of the 7 Swiss Business Schools and Universities to feature in this ranking. > learn more about


Study abroad experience

As part of her studies at IFM, Audrey Pongracz, a 2nd-year BBA student, participated in a summer session at the University of California, Berkeley. She shares her experience: "What I liked most about UC Berkeley was the enthusiasm conveyed by the professors! Just like at IFM, they instill a genuine passion for their subjects. I was able to form friendships that I hope to cherish for life." > IFM International network > website


Spring 2024

Because your well-being is important!
Our Life Coach, Dr. T. Baer, helps build students’ mindsets, thanks to her PhD in Psychology and a Master of Science in Psychology. Coach, consultant, professor. Presentations, motivational coaching, individual sessions. At IFM and on the digital platform.


Spring 2024

We help you achieve your goals!
Our Career Coach, Mrs. L. Colombo has a Master’s degree in Social and Economic Sciences from Bocconi, University of Milan (IT). Founder and Consultant at InsideOut People Consulting, Former Talent Manager at Patek Philippe.


Spring 2024

We advise you throughout your studies!
Our Academic Coach, Dr. P. Zamaros has a PhD in Management, a Master of Philosophy and a Master of Management. Academic meetings: group info & advice, individual sessions, personalised advice. At IFM and on the digital platform..



Students from IFM Business School visited the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (RTS) in Geneva. They were impressed by the complexity of audiovisual production and appreciated the opportunity to ask questions to RTS professionals.> video > website


11.01.2024 @ IFM

IFM students were particularly interested by the presentation of Eric Flag, a fitness and street workout expert who has successfully expanded his talent into business and has launched two successful businesses around his passion. With over 650,000 subscribers on YouTube, Eric Flag shared his journey and advice with IFM students.



IFM’s traditional winter party was a success! Our students gathered to celebrate the holidays and enjoy the stunning views of the Geneva Lake at Rooftop 42. With music pumping and laughter filling the air, everyone had a blast dancing and socializing. The festive DJ and percussionist kept the crowd on their feet all night! > video


12.12.2023 @ Geneva

IFM Business School students were given a chance to visit the BCGE trading room, where they gained valuable insights from experts. Through interactive sessions with experts, students honed their understanding of finance while comprehending the crucial role banks play in the economy.> website


08.12.2023 @ IFM

We enthusiastically embraced the Escalade festivities at IFM! Our students joyously shattered the cauldron, indulging in a delightful chocolate experience. We proudly introduced this cherished tradition to our international students, fostering a deeper connection to Geneva's rich heritage.


07.12.2023 @ IFM

IFM students explored the success story of Anna Bory, co-founder of Miloo, and learned how a Swiss startup managed to establish itself in a saturated market in Switzerland. She explained the steps and difficulties of starting as an entrepreneur. Miloo, a Geneva-based startup leading in electric bikes and scooters, secured 2.5 million Swiss francs in funding. > website


09.11.2023 @ Geneva

IFM students enjoyed a night out at Nuit des Bains, an event that brings together contemporary art institutions in the neighborhood and opens their doors for the occasion. The evening began at the Cercle des Bains and then at MAMCO, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, where they discovered the temporary exhibition of this autumn.  > website


02.11.2023 @ Geneva

IFM students gathered at Spoon, a food hall in downtown Geneva offering different international cuisines to choose from, a bar and a live DJ. Students relished in a fun evening of laughter, food, and music. The atmosphere was dynamic, and the event was a huge success - everyone had a wonderful time!


26.10.2023 @ IFM

Mr. Jaafar Ibaraghen, Senior Portfolio Manager at the private bank, Lombard Odier, met IFM students and gave a lecture on the current challenges and opportunities in the financial markets. The lecture, which drew over 50 students, was a great success. The event was a significant opportunity for our students, as the bank is looking for new talent. > website


20.10.2023 @ IFM

The visit of IFM students to the Patek Philippe Museum highlighted the synergy between our Bachelor in Luxury and Watch business and high-end watchmaking. They delved into the essence of luxury watchmaking, emphasizing the precision and refinement our program promotes. > website


20.10.2023 @ Geneva

The students had the opportunity to get to know each other better over a drink provided by IFM at the "Bar du Bout d'la Rue" during our traditional "Welcome Drink." This bar is an iconic establishment in this university district, and it is indeed located at the end of a street in the Bains neighborhood. 


20.09.2023 @ IFM

Back to School for Leaders! IFM Business School welcomed the Group of Young Business Leaders (GJD) for an exceptional immersion into the use of Artificial Intelligence in business through an exclusive presentation. The event made a significant impression on the 30 attending executives! > website