Student life @ IFM

You have just found the perfect place for your studies, the place you will soon call home.
IFM offers students a range of social activities, cultural events and get-togethers, along the academic year.

Student life

You have discovered the ideal place for your studies, soon to be your second home. Geneva, a vibrant and international city, offers superb quality of life. Student life at IFM Business School is transformative: explore new places, meet intriguing people, make new friends from all over the world, and build lasting connections. !

Student activities

IFM offers students a range of social activities, cultural events and get-togethers, throughout the academic year. Socializing at IFM happens in halls, classrooms, cafés, and events, where sharing ideas and cultures helps students create lifelong ties. You will have the opportunity to take part in numerous activities and events throughout the academic year: after-study apéros, dinners, student parties, bowling, hockey matches....

Stylish location

Geneva is the perfect place to study. IFM’s campus is in an attractive location in the centre of the amazing international city of Geneva. Geneva offers an excellent quality of life. History and culture also play a huge role in Geneva; the old town and many museums, theatres, opera, exhibitions and festivals. Across the city, you will also find a wide range of restaurants, bars and clubs to suit all tastes and interests.

Sports in Geneva

Geneva and its surroundings offer numerous activities. More than 50 sports are practiced in Geneva, thanks to its amazing outdoor accessibility. Geneva is located on the shores of the biggest lake on the continent of Europe, offering many water sports. For amateurs of winter sports, Geneva is situated only an hour away from the best ski resorts. 2 sport centres, an indoor and outdoor pool and an ice rink are located in the IFM area. > life in Geneva.

IFM Summer Party @  Hotel President Wilson 

The IFM annual summer party took place at the luxurious President Wilson Hotel—an exhilarating opportunity to celebrate the end of the academic year, welcome summer and relish in a stunning lakeside ambiance. Attendees soaked in the unique atmosphere of the Glow Bar and marveled at the breathtaking views of the lake.
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IFM Afterstudy @ Sketchiz

IFM students were invited to Sketchiz for an afterstudy party. This presented a fantastic chance to connect, unwind, engage in lively discussions, network, and socialize. Sketchiz featured shuffleboard tables, interactive dart lanes, and arcade games. Students played together all evening long while enjoying wine, beer and some delicious appetizer.
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IFM Afterstudy @ Nico & Co

IFM students were invited to Nico & Co for an after-study party. It was an excellent opportunity to meet up, have a good time, exchange, network and socialize. They enjoyed a very nice atmosphere on one of the trendiest terraces of Geneva with stunning views of the lake.
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IFM Party
@ Hotel President Wilson

Our annual summer party was held at the luxurious President Wilson Hotel, providing students and professors with an exciting opportunity to network, enjoy music, and have fun in the stunning lakefront setting. They basked in the unique atmosphere and enjoyed the breathtaking views of the lake. 
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IFM Winter party @ Rooftop 42

IFM’s traditional winter party was a success! Our students gathered to celebrate the holidays and enjoy the stunning views of the Geneva Lake at Rooftop 42. With music pumping and laughter filling the air, everyone had a blast dancing and socializing. The festive DJ and percussionist kept the crowd on their feet all night!

IFM Afterstudy @  Bastions

IFM students and faculty were invited to the Kiosque des Bastions for an aperitif. It was an excellent opportunity to meet friends and socialize in a historical and trendy environment, located in the Parc des Bastions.
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IFM Afterstudy @ La Potinière

An Afterstudy party was organized on the terrace of La Potinière. An opportunity for students to meet, discuss and socialise over a drink and tapas. There was a delightful, friendly atmosphere during this event with a panoramic view of the lake. Watch the video!

IFM Afterstudy
Bowling & Pizza

IFM organized a bowling evening. An excellent opportunity to build new connections while enhancing team spirit! Afterward, IFM invited the students to have pizza at the Molino restaurant in the same center, for a friendly dinner. The students and professors had a great time.