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Do you need to hire a new talent?

Whether you’re looking to hire for a key role, optimize your company performance, or get a fresh perspective,

IFM offers an exciting international network and a wide range of global skills, talents and experiences. 


IFM Business School welcomed the Group of Young Business Leaders (GJD) for an exceptional immersion into the use of Artificial Intelligence in business through an exclusive presentation. The event made a significant impression on the 30 attending executives!

Our team will find the right match for your business needs, internships or job requirements.

Simply tell us the type of profiles you are looking for and the starting date and we will start the recruitment process.

• We offer a free service to help you find the right candidate for the role.

• We offer a privileged access to a pool of 4,200 alumni and students from over 100 countries,

• Our career and placement advisor will select student and recent graduate profiles matching your business needs.

To promote employment opportunities, please contact or call us at +41223222580

When you hire an IFM graduate, you will hire someone with an entrepreneurial, innovative and digital mindset, who is ready to bring new perspectives and enthusiasm to your business.

IFM students and graduates have good language skills and know how to collaborate across cultures. They have the resilience to adapt to today's ever changing business environment, Their ability, ambition, well-rounded confidence and motivation make them attractive for any employers.

IFM's excellence is recognised by triple accreditation and several rankingsIFM’s curriculum has a strong focus on employability and commercial acumen. Our solid degree programmes cover Business, Management, Accounting, Finance, Problem Solving, Business Strategy, Creativy & Innovation, Sustainability, Leadership, Digital Business, Trading...

Our recruitment rate is excellent, thanks to our career service and the contribution of numerous employers.

To promote employment opportunities, please contact or call us at +41223222580

Meet students
Pre-screen résumés and arrange one-on-one formal interviews on -ampus. 

Mentor students

Join one of our classes as an industry expert or get to know our students during a presentation or panel discussions.

Present your company

Present your company’s profile and opportunities at our on-campus seminars.

To obtain more information, please contact or call us at +41223222580.