Speakers @ IFM

At IFM, meet CEOs from global corporations, innovative entrepreneurs, and industry specialists, gaining knowledge from their experiences. They offer a broad spectrum of career insights. Business presentations and discussions are part of the IFM curriculum and complete the practical aspects of the courses taught by expert faculty. Our immersive business engagement program facilitates networking opportunities, allowing you to connect with guest speakers, international firms, and business communities.

Michel Balestra
President, SIG

Mr. Michel Balestra, deputy of the Geneva Grand Council, President of the Geneva Industrial Services (SIG), gave an amazing conference on his leadership role for energy management via the SIG, a public company responsible for the distribution of water, gas, electricity and district heating.

Philippe Reynier
Head of Business Development , UBS

Mr. Philippe Reynier, Head of Business Development & Special Projects, offered IFM students a notable conference. This presentation focused on Fintech. UBS is the largest wealth management bank in the world and offers financial services in more than 50 countries.

Charlotte Henry
Head Communications, m3 GROUPE

Mrs. Charlotte Henry, Head of External and Internal Communications, introduced the m3 GROUPE to IFM students. This inspiring conference retraced the journey of its leader, Mr. Abdallah Chatila. She also showed m3's DNA. The group is made up of 4 divisions: Real Estate, Hotels & Restaurants, Health and Services.

Philippe Guinot

Mr. Guinot, Chief Business, Finance & Operations, presented a webinar to IFM students on how an international not-for-profit organisation operates. PATH is a global non-profit organisation that improves public health. PATH advises and partners with public institutions, businesses, grassroots groups, and investors to solve the world’s most pressing health challenges.

Pascal Meyer

Mr. Meyer founder and CEO presented a remarkable webinar. Qoqa offers daily discounted offers on a variety of products. From a Tesla at -50% to a Rolex at an unbeatable price, Qoqa has relied on a very large community and quirky marketing to become one of the biggest players in the Swiss e-commerce market.

Dr. Sabrina Cipullo

Dr. Sabrina Cipullo, Head of Operations gave IFM students an amazing presentation on the Solar Impulse Foundation. Founded by the visionary Bertrand Piccard, the Foundation's objective is to find and evaluate 1,000 solutions that combine sustainability and profitability to submit them to world leaders. 

David El-Eini

Mr. El-Eini, Co-founder & COO gave an excellent webinar and explained to the IFM students a new way of investing in real estate: crowdfunding. Foxstone, which specializes in real estate crowdfunding, digitizes the entire process by connecting investors, managers, mortgage providers and notaries.

Marcello Mastioni

Mr. Marcello Mastioni - Chief Operating Officer of Altisource (Nasdaq listed Company) gave a unique webinar during a career session. Altisource provides real estate and mortgage services. He explained to IFM students how to run a company as a digital nomad.

Paulo Monteiro
Executive Director,  J. SAFRA SARASIN

IFM was honored to welcome Mr. Paulo Monteiro, Executive Director of J. Safra Sarasin Bank for an amazing presentation. J. Safra Sarasin is an international financial group committed to sustainability, established in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America. 

Jean-Marc Thévenaz

Swiss CEO of Easyjet, Mr. M. Jean-Marc gave an exclusive conference followed by a wonderful discussion with IFM students. The airline transports 63 million passengers to and from 124 different destinations. Easyjet has a sales revenue of 4.6 billion CHF.

Paolo Perego
President, BACARDI

Mr. Paolo Perego, Regional President Europe gave an exclusive conference followed by a discussion with IFM students. Bacardí is a spirits company established since 1862 The group retails the following brands: Bacardi, Grey Goose, Bombay Sapphire, Eristoff, Martini in 160 countries.

Régis Cole
Talent Manager, WEF

Mr. Régis Cole, Talent Platform Manager, provided an insightful overview of the World Economic Forum activities and mission. Mr. Cole also gave students more information and advice about the recruitment and selection processes at WEF.  

Jean Charzat
Agribusiness Director, BUNGE

Mr. Jean Charzat, Director Agribusiness Africa gave a unique presentation at IFM. Bunge is a multinational trading firm in agribusiness and reports a sales revenue of 42 billion USD,  employing 32’000 people around the world.

Harry Allegrezza
Specialised Markets Director, MIGROS

M. Harry Allegrezza, Specialised Markets Director gave an excellent presentation explaining the future of distribution and sales. Leading company in the distribution of consumer goods, Migros is the biggest employer in Switzerland with 97’000 employees and 27 billion CHF in sales revenue.

Eymeric Segard

Based in Geneva, LunaJets is a pioneering company in low-cost private aviation. Mr. Eymeric Segard, CEO, shared with IFM students the key to his success. LunaJets is the leading private aviation booking platform, combining innovative technology and the highest standards.

Constantino Cancela
CIO, Chief Investment Officer, BCGE 

The IFM students enjoyed an excellent presentation by Mr. Constatino Cancela, Assets Manager at the Geneva Cantonal Bank, with a focus on assets management and financial products offered by BCGE.

Laurent Favre
Institutional Account Manager, UBS

Mr. Laurent Favre, in charge of institutional clientele, gave an amazing conference followed by a discussion with IFM students. UBS is the largest wealth management bank in the world totalling over 60 billion CHF in assets.

Andrea Pedrazzini

IFM students enjoyed a top presentation followed by a discussion with Mr. Andrea Pedrazzini, CEO Switzerland. A prestigious advertising company, that created campains for: Toyota, Haagen Dazs, Piaget, Haagen Dazs, Apéricubes, Universal Music Mobi...

Patrick Matthey
Political Officer, CONFEDERATION

At IFM, we are forming a new generation of sustainable managers. We were happy to host Mr. Patrick Matthey, Political Officer, Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and Mrs. Dekkiche, Director of Consulting with Twentyfifty for an inspiring conference on human right in Business.

Cyril Déléaval

IFM students learned the fundamentals of entrepreneurship during an amazing webinar with Mr. Cyril Déléaval, coach in entrepreneurship. Genilem is a business incubator that helps and coaches young entrepreneurs with their innovative projects. Genilem has helped 260 start-ups since its inception.