Research and Publications 

IFM's community contribution towards a better world 

In line with the philosophy and mission of IFM Business School, faculty publications are based on professional practice and/or research. They bring novelty and added value in the classroom, allowing students to develop unique skills to meet today's challenges.

IFM encourages its professors to conduct research and actively participate in conferences, to publish in journals whether online or on the IFM platform, and write books in order to maintain academic excellence and transmit their experience to students.

NAMES Number of PublicationsRefereed Articles Opinions ArticlesBooks & Chapters
Dr. David Neto07Yes-Yes
Dr. Cheikhrouhou Naoufel15YesYes-
Dr. Mario Saba 05Yes-Yes
Dr. Morad Goerg05Yes-Yes
Dr. Panayotis Zamaros13-YesYes
Dr. Octavia Cerchez03YesYesYes
Dr. Cyrille Alheritiere01--Yes
Dr. Alain Berger01Yes--
Dr. Tiffany Baer03YesYes-
Dr. Marko Majer 02Yes-Yes
Dr. Diana Orejas 03Yes-Yes
Dr. Ilídio Lopes e Silva03Yes-Yes
Dr. Olivier Verheyde01Yes--
Gert Van Avondt04-Yes-
Mirco Coccoli 06-Yes-
Michele Caracciolo di Brienza02-Yes-