MBA Master of Business Administration

Boost your career with our top accredited MBA programme.

IFM’s Master of Business Administration degree prepares you for the challenges of a rapidly changing business landscape. Our MBA provides you with a practical business education, develops your key skills and enhances your mindset to advance your career to the next level. 

Top Tier

Ranked in the top tier one for global MBA programs - CEO Magazine 2023

#3 & #75

ranked #3 in Switzerland & #75 worlwide - Ceoworld 2023

1st class

Among top 1% of Business Schools worldwide with triple accreditation


Most Innovative Business School (CH) - Global Brands Magazine

MBA in International Business

This state-of-the-art programme gives you the skills to work successfully in international markets. Developed by experts, this degree provides an in-depth understanding of international business and management, to meet the major strategic challenges faced by global industries. You will become aware of main changes, the impact of technology and sustainability. This specialisation prepares graduates for managerial careers in multinationals, various industries, consulting firms...

MBA in International Finance

This industry-relevant programme prepares you to meet the current challenges of the world of finance. You will become aware of the main industry changes fuelled by the impact that technology, sustainability and digitalisation have. This degree provides you with a solid education in management, as well as in-depth knowledge of markets, products and investments. This track prepares graduates for outstanding managerial positions in various financial institutions, banks, financial companies...

MBA in International Marketing

This outstanding programme prepares you to meet the global challenges in marketing such as technology, emerging trends and sustainability. You will understand the key role of marketing in organisations by learning about best practices, products and brands analysis and consumer behaviour drivers. You will develop the ability to create successful strategies in order to help a business achieve competitive advantage. This specialisation prepares graduates for a broad array of top marketing careers in diverse industries.

MBA in Luxury Management

This innovative programme prepares you to work successfully in the luxury industry. Our degree gives a global vision of management and provides you with a deep understanding of how luxury businesses thrive with key players. You will become able to analyse markets, understand consumer behaviour drivers, evaluate the value of brands, forecast trends, run projects, design innovative strategies. This specialisation prepares graduates for a range of exciting careers
of managers in luxury groups, luxury brands, luxury industry and consulting firms.

Why is IFM MBA degree right for you?

• You will follow a curriculum committed to excellence, regularly updated and designed to create opportunities, for maximum career impact.

• You will study towards earning an accredited and top-ranked MBA degree in a short time period, while enjoying an amazing transformational experience.

• You will maximise your return on investment thanks to the content, the electives, the length of the course and the flexibility of the programme.

• You will enhance your key skills and you will be able to articulate your abilities and achievements in a way to grab employers’ attention when applying for jobs.

• You will grow on a personal level, achieve a tremendous sense of accomplishment and obtain a life-changing qualification to fast-track your career.

• You will take all of your classes during the afternoon, which makes it easier to balance your studies, personal life, pursuing an internship or working part-time.

• Should you need more flexibility, we may design a tailor-made schedule which integrates your professional commitments to your learning needs.

Distinctive approach

IFM’s cutting-edge programmes provide you with a practical business education, best tools, a new mindset and encompass all key skills for success. Our high-impact learning approach helps you to become a multi-skilled professional who is ready to meet the challenges of a fast-changing business world .

Experiential learning

IFM’s unique teaching style provides you with new perspectives and develops key competencies. You will apply business principles to real-life through case studies, group work, discussions, projects and business simulations. The in-class experience is also strengthened by an exposure to real-world business operations.

High-calibre faculty

You will learn from a top international faculty who are industry experts, entrepreneurs and senior managers selected from around the world to ensure educational excellence. Our dedicated faculty will share its passion and authentic expertise with you.

Small multicultural classes

Our classes average 20 students to promote exchange, class interaction, teamwork. You will form connections with classmates from all corners of the globe. This international atmosphere favours the development of intercultural skills and global awareness.

Developing your career

You will start growing your network by developing relationships with peers, faculty, and industry experts. We will help you explore the job market and plan your career. You will benefit from tailored career advice, modern workshops and industry opportunities. You will enhance your marketability.